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A collection of 28mm Viral Outbreak themed miniatures, perfect for PANDEMIC™ and all of its expansions. Additional figures included that would be perfect for both PANDEMIC LEGACY™ 1 & 2.  PANDEMIC™ is a trademark of Z-Man Games. Viral Outbreak Miniatures are a third-party accessory designed by Not-So-Bored Games and are not officially endorsed by Z-Man Games. MINIATURES ARE SUPPLIED UNPAINTED. The miniatures are on the smaller side of the 28mm SCALE so would also be perfect for your apocalyptic themed RPGs and non-heroic sized Tabletop Wargames. 

We are Not-So-Bored Games


Hello, we are Not-So-Bored Games! We create 28mm Miniatures for use with Tabletop Wargame, RPG and Board Games.  “Viral Outbreak”, miniatures that we think would be perfect for use with the board game Pandemic, is the first in what we are hoping to be a long series of themed miniatures.

Not-So-Bored Games is the creation of two brothers, Josh Morton and Evan Watson. Josh has long worked as a Video Game Producer on award winning franchises (XCOM, Sid Meier's Civilization), but has never strayed from his passion for getting together with his friends and family to play board games.  He is also an avid fan of painted minis and hopes to bring value to this community in developing this series of themed  miniatures.

We are so happy to be working with some incredibly talented artists, Chad Hoverter (Sculptor) and Jens Bengtsson (Character Design).  You can check out some of our Bio sites by clicking on our names below.

CEO and Founder / Josh Morton
Co-Founder / Evan Watson

Contributing Sculptor / Chad Hoverter
Contributing Character Designer / Jens Bengtsson

Additional Support: Bryan Norton (NSBG Logo), Eric Parker Andersen (Promotional Video), Danielle Rueda (Photography)


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